About Jar

» 1956
Manufacturing NEON for the first time, and introducing Neon and its use, to advertising market.
» 1961
Acrylic sheets was added to the productions of Jar. Mainly used in signs and billboards.
» 1966
Registered as Jar Electric, manufacturing lighting fixtures. Manufacturing fluorescent plastic luminaires. Indoor Commercial. Outdoor area lighting max 160w.
» 1968
Concurrent with expansion of the Company, Jar signed a joint venture with Austrian Company ZUMTOBEL under sister Company registered as Jar Technic, Manufacturing variety of ballasts under Zumtobel licensee, mainly supplying Jar, "mother company with Highest quality ballasts.
» 1969
Proceeding with manufacturing quite variety of indoor and outdoor fixtures and based on strong need of the society for street lights, in 1969 Jar company started manufacturing street lights with plastic refractor under the licensee of French Company ECLATEC. Outdoor street lighting max 400w.
» 1971
Manufacturing fluorescent reflector luminaires. Indoor Commercial.
» 1974
Being the leader and most experienced in the lighting industry and strong expansion desire along with high goal of compatibility with the world, Jar Company signed another contract with General Electric U.S.A. and started manufacturing die - cast aluminum street lights under GE licensee. Consequently aluminum die - casting method in lighting fixtures was introduced to Iranian Market. Outdoor street lighting max 400w.
» 1985
Purchasing aluminum die - cast molds from IWASAKI Japan "EYE". And manufacturing the new I 25w street luminaire. Outdoor street lighting 125w.
» 1994
Manufacturing die-cast housing flood light. Indoor, outdoor flood lighting max 1000w.
» 1995
Adding new design of decorative and area luminaires to the previous productions. Indoor, outdoor Decorative Lighting max 250w.
» 1998
Manufacturing suspension luminaires, for the first time in Iran. Outdoor Street Lighting max 400w.
» 1999
Manufacturing highest wattage of high-way luminaires with die-cast aluminum housing."The most economical Road way lurninaire yet".
» 2000
One of the first lighting manufacturers in Iran obtaining 150 9002.
» 2002
Adding a powder coating system to the line of painting.
» 2003
Manufacturing a new industrial luminary.
» 2004
Manufacturing lighting poles.
» 2005
Adding a new tunnel fixture to the range productions.
» 2006
Adding a new 125-15OW aluminum die - cast street fixture and aluminum extrude decorative fixture to the range of production .
Most major cities can have access to our products through either exclusive or nonexclusive distributors.
Being Pioneer in Lighting industry we are Proud of the factthat a Large number of similar manufacturers currently involved, either directly or indirectly, benefit from experience and techniques introduced by JAR Company.